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There are those of us that need to contribute to our society to make it, at least from our perspective, a better place for all.

Organic Live Food community blog is a place for those that wish to get information about the organic industry and for those individuals, including writers, who want to bring that information to the people for their assessment and/or use (subject to terms of use).

This community of devoted, unassuming individuals bring to all that are interested, articles and latest research studies that provide highly essential health information regarding organic food and the organic industry. While our team of devotees are small, still their big heart has made this website community one of the most popular websites dedicated to the natural and organic healthy living.

Our Web pages are filled with knowledge, information, and real-life experiences with illnesses, cancer, and recovery that go beyond the ordinary and delve deeply into what’s important to us all and what is essential to know for our quality of life, health and well-being and that of our loved ones..

If you share the passion of writing, and wish to make a contribution to our community, to people and their health, and to our society - then you have come to the right place.

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Knowledge is power. But no power is greater that the ability to avoid and prevent illnesses and disease, if possible, and to know how to strengthen your body's immune system through good eating and exercise and meditation habits. Helping people and empowering them to live a healthier life is what we aim to accomplish.

Can you help us and help others? Then share your knowledge and submit your article for review.




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How to submit your articles:

You can use our POST AN ARTICLE page to submit your article. Please make sure you complete the form thoroughly and make sure that you have done all the necessary edits possible. We will not allow a re-submission of an article that has been submitted already by a non-affiliate writer.

So again, please check and endit your article prior to posting.

Additionally, please review the following posting specific conditions:


Organic Food IndustryRunning a huge community like this on a shoe sting budget is challenging.
Organic Food IndustryWe can't accept or responde to phone calls, snail mail, or faxes.
Organic Food IndustryWe don't accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere.
Organic Food IndustryWe don't accept video or audio clip articles at this time.
Organic Food IndustryWe reserve the right to deny article or articles submited at our discretion.
Organic Food IndustryWe reserve the right completely, to publish an article or not, and for how long or when.
Organic Food IndustryWe can modify, edit, and/or omit any part or parts of a submited article.
Organic Food IndustryWe may remove an article completly at our discretion without any advance notice.
Organic Food IndustryYou agree that you have no rights to publication whatsoever other than copyrights.
Organic Food IndustryYOU have read and 100% AGREE to all these terms prior to submitting your article.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us prior to submitting your article or articles.







WHat To Write About / Subject

You can write about any subject related to health, nutrition, fitness, organic food, GMOs, and prevention (illness and diseases). We would appreciate if you can avoid promoting your products excessively, although it is acceptable to mention your product, and ideally, give a story behind why you decided to create it for sale to public. Of course, we will not endorce your products or services and will clearly mention that the article was submited by a non-affiliated writer.

Your article must be a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 2,000 words.

Additional information:


Organic Food IndustryMention enough references and studies to give credibility to your article.
Organic Food IndustryMost people like fresh content they have never read about elsewhere.
Organic Food IndustryIndustry trends always catch people's attention.
Organic Food Industry"Top-10" or similar postings are very popular.
Organic Food IndustryHeadline or article title is key - choose a good one.
Organic Food IndustryMake the article fresh, easy to read, and fun and entertaining while it is informative.
Organic Food IndustryWe do not accept images with articles, so don't include them.
Organic Food IndustryMake sure you have submited your "Writer Profile", if you want it to be included.
Organic Food IndustryYour contact information will not be displayed or released to readers.
Organic Food IndustryIf your article is very popular, then we will invite you to join our commuinity writers.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us prior to submitting your article or articles.







Leaving for last, because it is important to remember - articles discussing reports highlighting organic food and GMO trends in United States as well as globally are very popular specially regarding health and wellness. Make sure your article also indicates what is changing in the organic and/or natural health industry. Additionally, Yoga is also a big hit at the moment. Things to consider.

Most popular articles often include: tips, ideals, details, stories about people, quotes, interviews, accredited studies and research reports.

Good luck. We look forward to reading a wonderful article and hope we have the opportunity to publish it.

All the best.