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Not long ago there was a dream. Now it is a reality.

A person who was frustrated, set upon a journey to deal with how little information there was for those whose doctors did not believe in nutrition as a means of prevention of a variety of diseases due to malnutrition, poor eating habits, a bad diet, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, contaminants, and carcinogens in our food and water. was born.

We are the Altenburgers.

We are devoted to bringing you articles and latest research studies that provide highly essential health information regarding organic food and organically made products, nutritional facts and data for improving health and well-being, vegan foods, raw foods, live (with enzyme) foods, superfoods, herbals, and tips and latest news on fighting obesity, malnutrition, and a range of other health and nutritional ailments.

Our website is one of the most popular websites dedicated to the natural and organic living and is followed by some of the most recognized industry leaders, TV personalities and Hollywood celebrities, and online nutritional magazines, nutritionists, advocates, and most importantly, everyday people who probably little or no other means of access to such information, readily.

Three of our Superheros: Angela, Emma, Mary


Before too long, became a leading blog dedicated to providing latest information on the organic food industry and in particular reporting on the latest research studies on GMO, pesticides, carcinogens, diet related cancer findings, healthy food options, nutritional healing, vegan and gluten-free diets, and more.

Once our website grew with more and more articles published and tens of thousands of members joined, we needed support to help organize our community services and offer better structure to improve managing what we do.

Three Super-heros came our way, each making an incredible contribution to growing our community.

Angela (we call her 'Our Angel') is the head of operations. Emma (we call her 'our Warrior Girl') is the soul of our community, relentlessly providing new ways to help the community members with health information and the latest studies on cancer prevention, real causes of allergies and understanding the symptoms and treatment, and generally being a strong Warrior fighting for people's rights to eat non-contaminated, non-GMO foods. And of course, our Mary (affectionately referred to as 'Mother'). She has a kind and gentle smile that calms our nerves and helps us focus on our passion of helping people.

Here's a little about each of these Super-heros in our team, but before that, take a look at our INTRO video. Thank you for all your support.




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Angela ('Our Angel')

Hi my name is Angela and I am responsible for all the operations management of This is not just where I work. This is my family, my hobby, my passion, my savior, my heart, my soul and my love. This great family we call has a heart beat at its center and it beats to do one thing: to help people develop a positive and constructive approach to buying and consuming clean food and water through knowledge based on latest research studies so they can reach their optimum health and wellness goals by incorporating the best eating habits.

I am delighted to be part of this wonder team.

My story starts with my personal desire to want to contribute to the society I live in. For years, I use to complain about many things, such as poisoned soil, contaminated water wells in our country, corrupt politicians and corporate CEO's, and so on. Then I decided to make a difference rather than just complain about things. Now I do all I can to help our society cultivate a better relationship with the food that we consume through knowledge-based and logic-based reasoning behind our choices and food options.

I myself have a had a long history of one diet plan after another, one weight-loss approach after another, and one failed goal after another. I have tried for 15 years (since adolescence) of various weight lost plans (South Beach, Paleo, Neo-Paleo, Juicing, Low-fat, 30-40-30 Carb/Protein/Fat, Lemon Fasting, etc.) from almost every source you can imagine. None really worked for me.

Once I understood about the relationship I have with food, I realized my needs are quite basic. My plan for me works and I have kept my optimum weight for over 12 years now. My plan is as simple as this:


Organic Food IndustryI eat bread once or twice a week (about 1 slice each time)
Organic Food IndustryI eat about 80% Raw Foods ('Live' Enzyme Foods)
Organic Food IndustryI drink about 1 liter of clean filtered water per day
Organic Food IndustryI eat about 2 ounces of wild fish per week
Organic Food IndustryI drink vegetable juices for breakfast 3-4 times a week
Organic Food IndustryI walk about 30 min, twice a day (morning and evening)
Organic Food IndustryI spend time with my friends that I adore as much as I can
Organic Food IndustryI knap during weekends and sleep at least 8 hrs per night
Organic Food IndustryI munch on goji berries and seeds and cashew nuts
Organic Food IndustryI each lots of apples, oranges, blueberries, and salads


Today, I feel healthy and energetic and my weight is under control and I feel happy about it. Eating nutritious foods and having a healthy lifestyle is not difficult once you have chosen to have a lifestyle that includes habits that you enjoy, for instance walking for 30 min in the morning.

I think once we know and understand why we want something (be it optimum weight and healthy lifestyle or anything else), we can put into place habits that allow us to gain what we want, even a little at a time.

I am delighted that I am part of a team that can provide you with information and support to help you incorporate the right eating and food habits into your life to achieve your goals.

I am Angela.

Thank you for visiting







Emma ('Our Warrior Girl')

My name is Emma and this is our blog. I refer to it as "our", because I have so many friends here, such as Karen, Mary, Gabriela, Sophie, Angela, James, Liam, Ava, and so many others who help me every day compiling the latest studies, sorting all the data, and deciding what we should present to our members right away and what can be archived for later review.

Together, we are

All of us have an incredible zest for working hard, living poor (hehe), juggling our personal lives and basically whatever we have to do in order to live out our passion – and that is to bring you the latest information that will help keep you healthy and live a long life of vitality and joy.

My story in nutrition started back in my teens when I was 13 years old and started getting excruciatingly painful headaches (migraines), almost daily. After visiting many doctors with my mom and dad accompanying me, we all were convinced that my condition is apparently 'normal' and the doctors could not offer any solution other than pills, and then more pills. I accepted that this is how I must live for the rest of my life ... with a daily migraine.

I learned to live with it and just get on with my life.

About a year later, my mom started getting sick way too often. She also noticed a lump under her left breast. After visiting with our family doctor and having a physical checkup, our doctor told us that my mom should not worry about the lump as it is benign. We were happy to hear that.

Within a year, she started feeling worse and my dad decided to have her take more tests and visited with another doctor to get a second opinion. Unfortunately, it was discovered that it was not a benign lump as originally misdiagnosed and my mom started a long process of chemotherapy.

After 5 years of chemo, unfortunately, she passed away. During this time, her life was not at all enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination. She had a miserable last few years of pain and suffering.

After she passed away, I started reading about nutrition and in particular, how it is related to the various causes of cancer. I soon discovered that there are many remedies through herbal and alternative medicine, eating good healthy nutritional foods that enhance and improve your immune system, and through a diet that would isolate the cancer cells in order to deprive it of oxygen and food – i.e. killing it and therefore allowing your body to heal.

I first focused on my own migraine, as this seemed far less of a challenge than dealing with cancer.

Within a few months of trial and error (eliminating foods) I discovered that I am allergic to either wheat or soy. I spent the next 6 months trying to discover which is causing the migraine, wheat or soy. I contacted many doctors in U.S., Canada, and Europe and emailed as many people as I could, attended seminars to talk to nutritionists and medical experts. Nothing I tried could completely alleviate my migraine.

Finally, it dawned on me that if I don’t know which of the two is the real culprit, then I will eliminate both (wheat and soy) from my diet.

To my shock and utter surprise, my migraines stopped. Permanently.

I was allergic to both wheat AND soy.

Many people in this country are getting migraines unnecessarily and all they have to do is remove these two from their diet and they should see a huge improvement – at least in the cases where the migraines are food-based allergies.

At the age of 19, I was re-born. I could live like other people. I needn’t be worried all the time anymore. I didn’t need to prepare for painful migraines in every activity of the day.

Within a year, I got accustomed to living a normal life like most people and I (mostly) forgot about dealing with a migraine on a daily basis.

After reading more than 30+ books and journals on chronic illnesses, nutritional healing, medical conditions, allergies, and food- and environment-related pollution and contamination – I became confident enough to start helping my friends and family members.

Over the 10+ years that followed, I got involved with anyone who felt that they had no chance to resolve their medical problems or had existing chronic illnesses. With the help of many nutritionists (worldwide) and with the help of the Internet, I compiled many studies and provided the information for anyone who wanted to seek a remedy based on herbal and alternative medicine or nutritional healing. I learned many things about how the body works, how our immune system protects us, how cancer spreads, how intake of food as well as rest and deep sleep helps our body to strengthen itself and protect it against chronic diseases, fatigue, flu, and other illnesses.

During this time, I traveled to many places and met many interesting people. I met a doctor who had breast cancer and she went to Dallas, Texas where she got an IV injection of 20,000 m.g. of Vitamin C and had lived 20+ years after first being diagnosed with breast cancer. I met a British Aerospace Engineer who had brain tumor and had completely erased it with colloidal platinum. And also met a Spanish fisherman at a seminar who discussed his case of stomach cancer and destroyed the tumors with proper nutrition and wild Turkey tail mushrooms.

There are many people that were once diagnosed with cancer and are still alive today without chemotherapy who claim that they are alive today as a result of non-chemical, non-toxic (chemotherapy) healing methods.

As I was discovering alternatives to cancer treatment via chemotherapy, and excited that there was a real science behind prevention, I was told that my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and he later passed away. Due to a wide distance between us, living far away from each other, I was not able to reach or help my dad in time.

The pain of losing my dad was worse than anything I ever imagined. I was not able to help him. I was not there for him. I have spent many years trying to deal with that.

But now I am doubly motivated to help all other people in the world – if I can.

I joined in 2011, and decided to compile my notes and archived research studies and place them into this blog to provide all the relevant information I can so that may be other people can use this information and can help themselves and their loved ones.

This is my mission. This my obsession. This is my gift to all the people who need to improve their health, heal through nutritional science, and may be prevent many of the known illnesses due to contaminated food, water, or air.

My friends call me the Nutrition Warrior Girl, (or short, 'The Warrior Girl') or as I am getting older now, some call me the Warrior Woman.

I will fight a good fight. I don’t quit, I don’t falter. I may get beaten down, but I will get right back up again and come back harder and more motivated.

I will not accept or tolerate the lies being spread by fertilizer and GMO companies, or by those that spill industrial chemicals into our water or soil, or by those that benefit from large corporation lobbying funds. I will defend the right of people to know the truth.

I may be under-armed, under-financed, and lack a serious punch, but I compensate all my short comings with an incredible amount of motivation and dedication to help the cause of pesticide-free produce, chemical-free nutritional foods, alternative healing and prevention instead of costly cure.


Lies About GMO and Monsanto Politicians


I will fight for moms, dads, infants, children, elderly and all those that don’t have the time to do all the research themselves. I will bring you the research studies, latest findings, and the medical facts to arm you with knowledge you need to consider alternative methods, choose the right doctor for your condition, to ask the right questions, and to determine for yourself if you need to get second opinion.

I will not sit silent and let food Corporations poison us with their lies about fertilizers, contaminants, and carcinogens so their cousins, prescription drug companies, can reap the financial benefits of selling $12 billion of drugs to people who are sick and scared.

To sin with silence, when one should protest makes a coward out of a man – or a woman.

I will do all I can to bring you facts about food, health, healing, and vitality.

I am the Warrior Girl.

Thank you for visiting




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Organic Raw Food Blog




Organic Raw Food Blog




Organic Raw Food Blog




Organic Raw Food Blog




Organic Raw Food Blog




Organic Raw Food Blog




Mary ('Mother')

Hi everyone. I am so flattered that everyone here refers to me as 'The Mother'. I consider this to be an incredible display of endearment.

In my early 50's, I am the oldest person here. I am so happy to work with such a young, energetic, ethically and socially conscientious and joyful bunch of sweethearts. I consider everyone here as Santa's Elves, all trying their best to do what can to make our world a little better, a little less painful for those that need help, and a little brighter for the future generation. Knowledge is power and it is being used here to help people take control of their health and well-being. I am so lucky to be part of it.

With love,